Defence rich talent for capability delivery

ArcBlue Defence has a talent rich portfolio of operators, skilled in capability life cycle delivery, across all streams and job functions. As an accredited Defence Industry Security Program member, ArcBlue Defence ensures its members have appropriate security clearances to enable ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’ capability delivery.

Our team members have deep knowledge and understanding of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, the ASDEFCON suite of processes and templates, and have experience in delivering a range of projects, programs and providing specialist advice.

The detailed knowledge and intimate understanding of Defence processes our team members maintain, enables us to identify the right fit for your needs. ArcBlue Defence can also draw upon additional capability lifecycle delivery understanding and systems through the broader ArcBlue brand.

Our range of analytical tools can support workforce development, needs analysis and provide rich insights into business process improvement opportunities. We take pride in working collaboratively with you to identify your emergent needs in delivering the requirements identified within the growing Defence portfolio.

ArcBlue Defence is designed to support bespoke staff placements, larger team placements and work package delivery opportunities. We have team members across Australia who are able to undertake senior roles in program and project management, scheduling, commercial and contracting advice, procurement, and technical support.

ArcBlue Defence is positioned to partner with organisations to supplement their bids, build bids, review and optimise bids, and help build organisational acumen and awareness of working within the Defence environment and how to enhance Australian Industry Capability opportunities.

We are DISP Members

ArcBlue Defence is a member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). This means that we are able to directly sponsor our contractors for Australian Defence Security clearances up to NV 2, and allows us to ‘hold’ security clearances. For our clients within Defence, being a member of the DISP provides assurance that ArcBlue Defence meets their security obligations when engaging in Defence projects, contracts and tenders. For our current Defence contractors, we now have the ability to ‘hold’ their security clearances, or upgrade them allowing them to progress their career within the Defence sector. It also provides a great opportunity for professionals not currently working in Defence to gain their security clearance and build their Defence career with ArcBlue Defence.

We are DSS Panel Members

As a member of the Defence Support Services panel, ArcBlue Defence is also positioned to support against panel elements:


ArcBlue Defence Services

We’ve identified these specific ArcBlue services that are most relevant for our Defence clients.

Program and Project Delivery

Flexible contract resources, experienced in Defence projects 

Social Procurement

Facilitate economic & workforce development with social procurement 

Training & Development

Uplift skills across the commercial & contracting lifecycle


Spend analysis, TCO algorithms and economic development modelling

Program and Project Delivery

Skilled and capable operators, experienced within Defence and complex environments

ArcBlue Defence is your key to upsizing, upskilling or delivering your commercial, contracting & procurement needs on time and on budget.

Our specialists represent a flexible resourcing avenue for Defence acquisition and sustainment projects through core commercial disciplines including: sourcing, procurement, contracting, life-cycle contract management and supplier relationship management. We have specialists experienced in all facets of capital & services procurement, and in large, capital sourcing and transformation projects. 

ArcBlue Defence undergoes a screening process to ensure that we provide only the best, most capable operators; while our engagement with you will ensure team members represent a cultural ‘fit.’

ArcBlue Defence is also well positioned to support industry upsize, upskill and/or deliver key commercial, contracting & needs to the required standard within the constraints of on time and on budget.

Social Procurement

Facilitate economic & workforce development with social procurement 

ArcBlue is at the forefront of Social Procurement in Australia and our depth of knowledge and understanding on socially beneficial contracting & acquisition is second to none. We have broad experience supporting public sector organisations to develop & implement strategies & frameworks for Social Procurement and Workforce Development. 

Our specialist team has expertise in Indigenous procurement & employment, Modern Slavery, inclusive employment and economic development. 

We also manage several ‘Place-based programs’, driving local economic development and addressing disadvantage through local and social procurement, and inclusive employment. 

Training & Development

Uplift skills across the commercial & contracting lifecycle

As an approved Defence Support Services panel member for the Learning and Development – Design and Development, ArcBlue Training and Development services include training, eLearning and competency assessment offerings uniquely developed by the ArcBlue team of experienced practitioners.

The suite of proprietary learning & development programmes in contract management, procurement and commercial acumen have been developed to international standards, and learning can be tailored for your specific processes & requirements.

We have extensive experience providing training & development services to all levels of government including Defence, and are positioned to design developmental pathways for your team members and/or job family streams.


Spend analysis, TCO algorithms and economic development modelling

ArcBlue has a dedicated team of in-house analysts who are experts in spend analysis, data analytics, cost modelling & economic modelling at a project level and departmental level. 

Using proprietary desk-top programs including Tableau, Microsoft BI, Access & Excel, we can configure links to your systems to help you get the most from your data, tie-in to other relevant data sources and provide rich fact based insights from which decision making flows.

Our analytics team can quickly and reliably turn large amounts of often incomplete data into a coherent analysis; then facilitate skills-transfer & knowledge-sharing across your team.


Time, Value and Opportunities

As we embrace post-COVID, the imperative to review strategic sourcing arrangements is becoming increasingly prevalent for Defence and Defence Industry.

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