Round 4 Boost Your Business apps open in VIC!

Apply now for Round 4 of the Victorian Government Boost Your Business Voucher Program!

ArcBlue is pleased to be a registered supplier for Social Enterprise Capability, as part of the Victorian Boost your Business Voucher scheme. With our significant experience in procurement, working with public & private sector organisations to run & advise on sourcing programs and the RFQ process, we can assist Social Enterprises to build their businesses and make more social impact through winning more work, especially with government organisations.

This process can often be daunting for small organisations, however we can offer expert guidance at each stage of the RFQ process, including seeking, writing, and managing grants. We offer training workshops with a view to optimising the likelihood of supplier success. We have extensive experience in supporting organisations in appropriately identifying grant opportunities, developing submissions, and managing and reporting on grants received, including managing relationships with the funder.

We have experience working with social enterprises in Victoria, in particular through our work with the GROW place-based programs, and have an intimate working knowledge of the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework, so are able to advise social enterprises on how they can leverage the Framework to their advantage in building their businesses. 

We can also offer Business Process and Systems Improvements support, and Business Transformation advice to social enterprises. 


About the Program:

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has established Boost Your Business Vouchers to support Victorian businesses to become more productive, employ more people, improve market access and in general, increase their scale, diversity and profitability. Each Voucher Recipient may be able to receive up to $25,000 under the Social Enterprise Capability Stream. There are a number of other streams including: 

  • Advanced Victorian Manufacturing Stream
  • Asia Gateway Stream
  • Defence, Aerospace, Cyber and Security Stream
  • Food Innovation Stream
  • Victoria Israel Innovation Stream



Want to work with ArcBlue on the voucher program?

Check out the program guidelines to determine your eligibility here: 

Eligible social enterprises should contact Chris Newman at or on +61 412 318 384 to discuss their requirements for support & how ArcBlue can help. We can help social enterprises with the application process to receive Boost Your Business vouchers to work with ArcBlue. 


Round 4 applications close on Sunday 22nd December, so make sure you get in early to avoid the pre-Christmas rush!


What makes us uniquely placed to help social enterprises to build their businesses in Victoria? 

  • Our intimate understanding of procurement processes across public & private sector, including councils, infrastructure, goods & services
  • We were involved in the development of the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework and can assist social enterprises in understanding how the Framework can help grow their businesses
  • We have worked with numerous social enterprises in Victoria as part of the GROW place-based programs
  • Our experience providing Boost your Business tender guidance in previous rounds of the program across 2018 – 2019.


More Information:

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