A facilitated process to drive sustainable category benefits.

CATalyst is a facilitated process framework that focuses on the real business need and uses cross functional teams to drive sustainable category opportunities.

CATalyst is an agile method designed to add energy, focus, clarity, and transparency to project planning and implementation

Today, CATalyst is used in small, mid-sized and large organisations all over the world.

This process has seen significant results for organisations over the past decade and is designed to challenge stakeholders to think differently about a particular project or supply problem. The workshop based methodology speeds up decision-making, aligning stakeholders, procurement and the business.

CATalyst will:

  • Increase speed of developing Category Strategies
  • Align category and corporate objectives
  • Create genuine stakeholder buy-in
  • Create ongoing delivery of value
  • Encourage innovation
  • Create a strategic context for local procurement decisions to be based