pQ Online Assessment

The pQ online tool assesses individuals against procurement competencies. Designed to establish the baseline, target investment and measure results, the output is a development plan following the 70:20:10 methodology.

What’s the pQ of your team?

pQ is the Global Standard for assessing procurement knowledge. Over 15,000 procurement professionals from over 1000 organisations across 100 countries have completed the assessment. It offers the world’s most comprehensive benchmark of procurement knowledge, with individuals and teams able to compare themselves against a range of internal, external, and global benchmarks. pQ establishes development needs and priorities, focusing investment where it is most needed.

  • 100% objective – no subjective analysis, self-assessment or opinions
  • Provides a range of external benchmarks to compare your organisation with others
  • Enables investment to be focused towards business and personal development priorities
  • Assesses capability against 13 competencies

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