Procurement Bench and Virtual Analyst

ArcBlue’s Procurement Bench and Virtual Analyst offering is your on-demand sourcing team ready to manage projects, to fill technical gaps or meet a resourcing need. 

ArcBlue Bench and Virtual Analyst is your key to upsizing, upskilling and delivering your procurement needs on time. ArcBlue can deliver an affordable solution by providing the right people with the skills you need to deliver right now. We can quickly identify your needs, understand your procurement goals and present the right people to help you achieve them.

Bench provides complete flexibility to handle your one-off procurement project needs and offers complete support during peak times in your contract schedule, program and general workload.

More than recruitment, more than consultancy, we embed our Bench resources in your organisation and work to deliver your exact needs.

The ArcBlue team can take on any project, run sourcing events, analyse spend, negotiate with suppliers and provide advice. 


ArcBlue Bench and Virtual Analyst:

  • Provides procurement expertise on demand - from sourcing and contract management to SRM and data analysis
  • Reports to your procurement team as a direct resource
  • Offers flexibility of resources, scalable from part-time to full time, for short or long-term needs
  • Transfers key knowledge, leaving your team with more skills
  • Delivers access to the complete ArcBlue range of tools
  • Embeds positive, experienced, motivated people who understand your needs and processes to drive delivery of procurement and data analytics solutions.