Procurement Dashboards and Analytics

ArcBlue Dashboards is a ‘best-in-class’ spend analytics tool which will transform your procurement function.

Spend analysis forms an integral part of any organisation's procurement function.  In the past, spend analysis solutions have been expensive and out of reach for many organisations. ArcBlue has ‘broken the mould’ and developed powerful and intuitive Procurement Dashboards that are easy to set-up, at a fraction of the cost of other spend analysis tools.

ArcBlue has worked to develop intuitive and visually attractive Dashboards that deliver a powerful business intelligence tool for your organisation. The core software has been designed by world-renowned computer graphics scholars who are passionate about the power of visualizing data.

Clients access the Dashboards online which means minimal implementation effort and no impact on your own IT resources or infrastructure. Our servers are hosted in Australia ensuring that data stays securely onshore.

  • Identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies
  • Monitor and audit cumulative spend and compliance
  • Inform opportunities for collaboration, shared services or outsourcing
  • Track your spend with local, regional and international suppliers
  • Monitor existing contract spend and identify future contract opportunities
  • Access regional, sector-wide and international benchmarking 

How does it work?

  • We work with you to provide an extract of your procurement data out of your Accounts Payable system
  • We can work with data from any system (for example SAP, Oracle, TechOne, Civica, SynergySoft)
  • We can work with any commonly accepted format (e.g. .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .mdb, .xml)
  • We cleanse the data and categorise it according to standardised sector categorisation structures
  • We provide you with online access to the dashboards via the ArcBlue online portal
  • We keep your data cleansed through regular updates


What do I get?

Access for up to 3 users

Access via our Cloud Server is provided on the basis of 3 individuals accessing the Dashboards. You can choose to re-allocate access to individuals within your organisation at any time. Access for 3 users is normally adequate to allow for access to the Procurement Manager or analyst, Director and CEO/GM but additional users can be added for a small fee.


User training and opportunity analysis workshop

We can provide training to help users navigate the Dashboards as well as an opportunity analysis workshop. We want to be able to help you to continue to extract meaning and value from your data and the training/workshop is designed to do just that.

Will also provide a user guide, tips sheet and phone support to make it as simple as possible to use the Dashboards. 


Improvements and updates to the Procurement Dashboards

We are passionate about finding new ways to present your data making it more meaningful and useful.  We will continue to provide updated Dashboards on a frequent release schedule so that all clients benefit.

ArcBlue can also develop client-specific dashboards incorporating other relevant data sets to support any unique analysis requirements your organisation may have.


Contact us to find out more information.