Procurement Transformation and Capability Assessments

Assess your organisational capability and develop a strategic plan to enhance your procurement function to global standards.

Using our capability framework, we work with you to assess your capability, develop a strategy and implement change.

Our Organisational Procurement Capability Assessments are based on a best practice model for procurement that can be applied to your organisation.

Organisational Procurement Capability Assessments are a systematic process of assessing an organisation against a standard set of pre-defined dimensions. The assessment clearly highlights performance gaps and opportunities for further improvement and provides a roadmap towards enhanced procurement effectiveness and contribution. Organisations that have been through this process have significantly improved the view of procurement in their organisations and have delivered demonstrable, significant improvements to their organisations. 

We can support you in all aspects to help you achieve the goals in your roadmap including providing you with additional resources through our Procurement Bench

Model for Transformation and Capability


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