Vanessa WhiteExecutive Regional Manager QLD

Meet the team

Before joining ArcBlue Vanessa was the Chief Procurement Officer for a commercialised business unit within Queensland Government with an annual turnover of over $1B. In this role Vanessa developed and introduced a category management approach to procurement spend which focused on benefits realisation across multiple categories of spend. Most notably, through this new approach, Vanessa delivered benefits of over $12m for a sub-category with an announced budget of $74m enabling Government Agencies to do more with less.

Vanessa was also accountable to implement several Queensland Procurement Policy updates spanning 2018 and 2019. Vanessa successfully led her organisation in interpreting the requirements, developing a road map with key initiatives and specific projects to ensure compliance by the required implementation date. With Vanessa’s in-depth understanding of procurement policy and project management skills, Vanessa’s organisation was fully compliant with the new Queensland Procurement Policy requirements by the implementation dates.

Also, Vanessa’s other keys roles and experience within Queensland Government includes working within a Government Agency, the whole-of-Government procurement division, the whole-of-Government Building Construction and Maintenance category team and within a commercial business unit. This broad experience within the Queensland Government procurement environment enables Vanessa to understand the challenges faced (and how to provide appropriate solutions) by all key procurement areas within Queensland Government.

Vanessa was a lead in the whole-of-Government focussed Procurement Capability Development division set up to undertake Procurement Capability and Performance Assessments on behalf of Queensland Government Agencies. Over Vanessa’s time in this role, she undertook six Queensland Government Agency reviews spanning transport infrastructure services, education, building construction and maintenance, maritime safety and environmental protection.

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